Here is what we can offer you:

Competitive Pricing — Lower or equal to published OEM pricing
Unexcelled Quality  —  12 month, unlimited miles warranty
OE Numbers Utilized  —  Reduces mis-application issues
Local Product Support  —  Quickly and efficiently solve problems
Experience and Longevity  —  35 years in the same location
Hard to find parts  —  15000 sq ft dedicated to turbocharger remanufacturing.
VSR balancing for small and mid frame turbos.
Represent all major turbo manufacturers. 
Sole rebuilder for Porsche Motor Sports since 1983
Past/current remanufacturing for OEM's: John Deere, MBNA, PCNA, Chrysler, GM, Isuzu.
New, exchange and repair service available.

Turbo Rebuilding
We rebuild any make and model of turbocharger for auto, light truck, small industrial and agricultural applications. A standard rebuild can be performed when there are no internal hard parts (compressor wheel, turbine shaft/wheel, bearing housing etc.)  that need repair or replacement. A standard rebuild includes a complete low speed and high speed VSR balance, a genuine rebuild kit with new thrust parts and complete parts cleaning. Your turbocharger will look like new when you receive it back from Durabilt.
Minimal repair service at reduced pricing is available for situations where cosmetics are not paramount.*
The first step in the rebuilding process is a thorough inspection. This will include a complete tear down. If any of the major parts are found to have damage, we will contact you and give you a complete quote for repairing and replacing the damaged parts. There is no upfront payment or deposit required, and you are not obligated to complete the rebuild after you have received a quote. 

*Rebuild prices can vary depending on turbocharger model and actual parts needed and turbochargr complexity.

Porsche and Audi owners: Let us do a custom upgrade to your existing OEM turbos with larger compressor wheels, etc!
Let us know what we can do for you!